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Available on-line only to subscribers:

The most comprehensive electronic resource for Strabo is the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (= TLG) (hosted by University of California, Irvine, USA). If you are using a computer in a university library, you may be able to access the database by clicking here.

Strabo is author # 0099; electronic Greek text is based on Meineke’s 1852-53 edition; links are provided to various English translations; also provided electronically are ‘fragments’ of Strabo’s lost History, based on Jacoby’s 1926 collection (note that a more up-to-date collection has since been published by Ambaglio). Non-subscribers can access only basic data on Strabo through TLG by clicking here.


Available as free e-books:


Hamilton and Falconer’s 1854-57 translation – Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3.

Kramer’s 1844-52 edition – Vol. 3 (of 3) only, Kramer’s short 1852 edition – Vol. 2 (of 2) only..


Available on-line to all:


The Perseus Classics Collection at Tufts University

Perseus provides classical texts online, in the original Greek or Latin and in English translation. As far as Strabo’s Geography goes, the following is available online through Perseus:

  • The Greek text of Strabo’s Geography, based on an 1877 reprint of Meineke (1852-53). Note that the Greek text provided through Perseus is restricted to Books 6-14 of the Geography, rather than being the full complement of seventeen books.
  • An English translation of Strabo’s Geography, based on the translation by H.L. Jones which accompanied his 1917-32 edition of the Geography. Note that the English translation by Jones is only partially (Books 6-14) available through Perseus.
  • The English translation of Strabo’s Geography by Hamilton and Falconer (1854-1857). All seventeen books of the Hamilton and Falconer translation are available through Perseus. Note that the Hamilton and Falconer translation is older, and the style even more dated, than Jones (1917-32).

LacusCurtius • A Gateway to Ancient Rome
This website, maintained by Bill Thayer, includes the English translation of Strabo’s Geography by H.L. Jones (1917-32), but not Jones’ edition of the Greek text (on the grounds that the Greek text of the Geography is available through the TLG). All seventeen books of Jones’ English translation of the Geography will ultimately be available through LacusCurtius. As of November 2007, Books 1-10 and 15-17 have so far been made available.