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What is a 'fragment'?
A 'fragment' is a rather misleading term used by scholars to mean a reference to a written work by an author of antiquity, where the work to which reference is made has not survived to the present time. The reference to the work thus stands in lieu of the relevant passage of the work itself (from the perspective of the modern scholar) and thus has come to be called a 'fragment' of the work.

A fragment tells us that the work once existed (although the form of reference rarely gives us an exact title). It may tell us something of the content, depending on the nature of the reference, which may be anything from a passing comment to a quotation. The reference may suggest that the work survived at least until the time of the author who refers to it, although this is not necessarily the case, since ancient authors often 'borrowed' references from earlier writers.

The 'fragments' of Strabo's lost History
Some of the 'fragments' of Strabo's lost History are references to it by Strabo himself in the Geography; some are references made by other authors of antiquity. The papyrus fragment listed below is a fragment in a different sense, the physical fragment of a papyrus roll, which fragment carries text, identified as coming from Strabo's lost History.

Collections of the fragments of Strabo's History (beginning with the most recent publication):

AMBAGLIO, DELFINO, ed. and tr. 'Gli Historika hypomnemata di Strabone: introduzione,

traduzione italiana e commento dei frammenti.' Memorie dell'Istituto Lombardo - Accademia de Scienze e Lettere, Classe di Lettere - Scienze Morali e Storichi 39:5 (Milan 1990) 377-425.

HONIGMANN, ERNST. 'Strabon 3.' RE 4A.1 (1931) cols 85-90, especially 87-89,

where Honigmann summarises Felix Jacoby's earlier collection of fragments. (RE 4A.1 = Pauly's Real-Encyclopaedie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft, second series, seventh half volume).

JACOBY, FELIX. FGrHist 91 (= Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker, no. 91,

vol. 2A [Fragments] 430-36, and vol. 2C [Commentary] 291-95).

Electronic text of fragments of Strabo's History: The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, on CD-ROM, includes the fragments of Strabo's History, based on Jacoby, FGrHist 91. Strabo is author no. 0099.

Papyrus fragment of Strabo's History?  P. Vogliano 46.