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Updated Jan 2014

This is a selective summary of translations of Strabo’s work from ancient Greek into modern languages: English, French, German and Italian. Each entry starts with the number of books of the Geography translated, as translators sometimes stall out before completing all seventeen books. For e-books, where available, click on the volume number.

English translations:

Books 1-17, by JONES, H.L. (1917-32) in eight volumes, with the English translation facing the Greek text. Vol. 1 (Books 1-2); vol. 2 (Books 3-4); vol. 3 (Books 5-7); vol. 4 (Books 8-9); vol. 5 (Books 10-12); vol. 6 (Books 13-14); vol. 7 (Books 15-16); vol. 8 (Book 17).
AVAILABLE ONLINE at LacusCurtius; Books 6-14 only, at Perseus.

Books 1-17, by HAMILTON, H.C.; FALCONER, W. (1854-57) in three volumes, an English translation of the Greek text edited by Kramer (1844-52). The translation of the first six books was undertaken by Hamilton; Hamilton’s translation was then incorporated, with changes, into Falconer's translation of the whole. First published by H. Bohn in 1854-57; reprinted by G. Bell in 1903-1906. Vol. 1 (Books 1-7); vol. 2 (Books 8-13); vol. 3 (Books 14-17).
AVAILABLE ONLINE at Perseus. Note that the date ‘1903’ given on the Perseus website for the translation is the date of the reprint of vol.1; the original translation was published between 1854 and 1857.


French translation (with accompanying Greek text):

Books 1-12, by AUJAC, G.; LASSERRE, F.; BALADIÉ, R. (1966-96).

German translation (with accompanying Greek text):
Books 1-17, by RADT, S.L. (2002-11).

Italian translations (with accompanying Greek text):

Books 3-4, by TROTTA, F. (1996, second edition 2000).

Books 5-6, by BIFFI, N. (1988).

Books 5-6, by BIRASCHI, A.M. (1988, second edition 2001).

Book 8, by BIRASCHI, A.M. (1992, second edition 2000).

Books 11-12, by NICOLAI, R.; TRAINA, G. (2000).

Book 15, by BIFFI, N. (2005).

Book 16, by BIFFI, N. (2002).
Book 17, by BIFFI, N. (1999).